Plant List



Agfa Apogee front end with Sublima 240 screening

Colour Quality Manager (Self adjusting print curves)

Epson P9000 Violet B1 Proofer with inline Spectro analysis

Epson Stylus Pro 9880 B1 Proofer

3x iMac Computers

Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Quark Xpress

Prinect + Enfocus Software

Heidelberg Topsetter P/ PF 102 with multi cassette

Agfa Azura C125 Chemistry Free Plate Processor

Press Room

Heidelberg XL105-5LX (5 colour plus coating) plus Image Control

Print Finishing


Setmaster 28 station collating technology system x1
Setmaster 32 station collating technology system x1
Rilecart FAR 5/55 autopunch x1
Korber Paperlink x2
Rilecart autopunch PB735 x1
Rilecart autopunch B599 x1
Rilecart footpunch x2
Renz footpunch x1
Rilecart TP480 binder x2
Rilecart R500 binder x1
Allen Bradley DTAM micro x1
PBS (plastic binding system) x1
Vacumatic paper counter x1


Wraps UK Shrinkwrapper x1

Mailing Services

Bhurs BB300 6 Station x1
Bhurs BB300 8 Station x1
VideoJet Inkjet Printer x1
Minolta Bizhub Pro 1200 x1

Die Cutting & Creasing

BOBST SP102-E Autoplatine x1


Polar 115 x2


MBO x2
Stahl Combi x1
Herzog & Heymann x1

Ram Bundling

Arran Ram Bundler x1

Inline Gluing

Hunkeler with taping/gluing facility x2
Concept 4 Robatech gluing x4
Moll Pocket Folder x1


B102 Billhofer x1


Muller Martini (6 station + cover feeder) x1


Wrapper FW3400 horizontal form fill seal x1

UV Varnishing

Trumax x1


AMS 8900 Tabbing machine x1

What our clients say

  • The great thing about Evoteam is that they are all under one roof and if your job has multiple processes they can take care of everything from start to finish
  • Evoteam deliver on time, every time
  • We trust Evoteam, as we know that they are reliable, consistent and always accurate
  • Don’t look anywhere else, Evoteam are my number one print company